Nice words from clients

I struggle with finding time to write my grant proposal while maintaining my clinical practice. My co-investigators are also busy clinician-researchers, and it’s hard to get a thorough review from them on a deadline. Sarah gave me the prompt feedback and big-picture editing I needed, while also keeping me organized and on track. It was so helpful to have a professional grant editor from outside of our field and outside of our research group look at the grant with fresh eyes and give constructive criticism. She recommended a major structural revision to my R01 proposal, which I was able to execute within 8 weeks. The end product was vastly improved.
— MD MPH FACS at Vanderbilt University (NIH R01 proposal)
Thank you so much for your valuable help, Sarah. I just recommended your work to a colleague. You are an asset. Again thank you so much and I look forward to work with you to develop a project grant for spring.
— MD PhD at McMaster University (CIHR Foundation Grant proposal)
Thank you Sarah, the structure you suggested for my (successful) grant in 2016 is the one that I use over and over!
— PhD at Université Laval (CIHR Project Grant recipient)
I found it very helpful to have someone reading the proposal from the angle of “Is this clear? Are the messages consistent?”, etc. I was impressed by your ability to make relevant comments without having training/knowledge in the specific scientific area. From a general grant writing perspective, it also gave me some peace of mind to know that someone was carefully reading.
— MD, MSCI at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (NIH R01 proposal)
Thank you so much for a terrific writing workshop. I appreciate the supportive, non-judgemental, encouraging style that you used with the group of us in the workshop. It is the same style that I experienced when I worked with you one-on-one for my grant proposal. Your insights and clear feedback transformed my grant proposal, and the writing weekend helped me to focus and finish a book chapter that has been hanging over my head for awhile. Thank you.
— PhD at McMaster University (CIHR Project Grant proposal)

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