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Let's give your next grant proposal an edge over the competition.

Make sure that your proposal stands out by writing a grant that makes reviewers sit up in their chairs. I’ll dig into your draft and advise you on how to make your proposal as compelling and persuasive as possible. If you already have a genius study design and you need to make sure it gets scored in the top 10-15%—this is how you do it.

Option 1: Resubmission Game Plan

ResubmissionGamePlan (1).png

Troubleshoot your rejected proposal over lunch (i won't judge if you have a drink)

Didn’t quite make the cut last time? Send me the reviewer comments and your full grant proposal, and I'll recommend changes you can implement right away to improve your chances on resubmission. No need to take notes: you'll get a video recording of our session.

The result? Clear, strategic changes to your next proposal that address all the reviewers' objections (and then some).

Perfect for: Seasoned grant writers (or first-time rejectees...ouch) who are stuck just below the payline and who want to resubmit for the next cycle.


Option 2: Apex Grant Review

Apex Grant Review NIH CIHR


I'll whip your proposal into competitive shape. And I'll hold you accountable so that you stay organized and on track, even while you're juggling clinical and admin responsibilities on top of writing your proposal.

There are three package options to choose from based on when your draft is ready for review (i.e., how organized you are) and how quickly you’d like comments on your draft. 

Perfect for: Busy, self-aware researchers who see the benefit in having someone review their proposal from a strategic perspective.


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