Video 2: The W.T.F. Method to Write Better Grants

Welcome to your FREE grant writing training series!

In this training I’m going to walk you through the exact strategy that I use to help clients win millions of dollars in grant funding - in competitions with success rates of less than 20%.

So, WTF is the W.T.F Method? 

It's a system I use to make sure that every single grant that goes out the door will address the things that reviewers care about most. You can use this method on proposals you submit to any funding agency—research, non-profit, arts & works everywhere.

The W.T.F. method is also a sneaky way of reinforcing something that I taught you in Lesson One.

People remember things that inspire an emotional reaction in them. And in a super competitive funding environment where there are more great proposals than money to distribute, a great study presented in a memorable proposal will do better than a great study presented in a yawner proposal.

And I'm gonna guess that W.T.F. is more memorable than "A Multifaceted Approach to Present Your Proposal in a Favourable Light" (um...MAPYPFL?)

Take advantage of this FREE Training on my secret weapon - The W.T.F. Method

Sarah "Memorable Mnemonic" Dobson

P.S. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but soon you’ll get to see an actual case study of the W.T.F. method in action—from a rejected proposal to a $4M award!

And when you’re done, come back and write in the comments below how you’ll start applying what you learned in Lesson 2 to your own grant writing!