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    I struggle with finding time to write my grant proposal while maintaining my clinical practice. My co-investigators are also busy clinician-researchers, and it’s hard to get a thorough review from them on a deadline. Sarah gave me the prompt feedback and big-picture editing I needed, while also keeping me organized and on track. It was so helpful to have a professional grant editor from outside of our field and outside of our research group look at the grant with fresh eyes and give constructive criticism. She recommended a major structural revision to my R01 proposal, which I was able to execute within 8 weeks. The end product was vastly improved.
    — MD MPH FACS, Vanderbilt University (NIH R01)

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    Godspeed, my friend. You’re eyeballs-deep in Hard.Work. Don’t waste your time and energy figuring out how to write one of those monsters through trial and error—use strategies and techniques that work. I’ve helped researchers just like you win millions of dollars in grant funding from NIH and CIHR (and other agencies, too).


    Want someone to give that paper a lil’ spit-polish before you submit? Tough buns! That’s not what I do. Okay, that’s not ALL I do. (Pro tip: save yourself some money and use spell-check). If you want the VIP treatment on your writing, I’ll make sure your paper is clear and compelling—and more likely to be accepted.

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